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There is a variety of different benefits to having your property rendered or re-rendered.

If your property is either cracked or worn this likely will devalue it making it harder to sell the property and potentially causing on a loss on the value paid. With the appearance enhanced, the property value goes up in turn benefitting the owner. 

Another benefit lime rendering would add to the property is it acts as an insulation which can lower your utility bills. This makes the property more appealing to a prospective buyer as the energy costs will be more efficient and importantly reduces your carbon footprint. Lime rendering is more environmentally friendly compared to cement rendering. Lime is a natural material that requires less energy to produce and releases less carbon dioxide during its manufacture.

Lime rendering also provides a clean and fresh look to your property which again helps to increase the value and help aid the appearance of the property. It provides a beautiful, natural finish with a slightly textured appearance. It can be tinted to various colours and finishes, offering versatility in design. Once properly applied, lime render requires minimal maintenance compared to other types of renders. It's naturally resistant to algae and fungi growth and typically doesn't require frequent cleaning.

With all rendering solutions additional finishes such as textured coatings, paint, or decorative effects can be applied to further enhance the appearance of the rendered surface.


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